AndMar MedService OÜ

Andmar Medservice OÜ offers medical transport (patient transport) for patients in stable condition in Estonia and other EU countries. Regular team has two members, who has completed first aid trainings. Nurse or doctor is included if needed (price by agreement). The group has a long term working experience and cooperates with social service providers from different municipalities.

Transportation to the car is done with a stretcher, soft stretcher or chair stretcher.  Transport is offered as a “from bed to bed” service. We take patients from home to hospital, from hospital back home, to summerhouse for the season, to another hospital or medical centre, to hospital for treatments etc.

Medical transport

We recommend booking the need of medical transport as early as possible to guarantee the services in time. If possible, please inform us about patients special needs (oxygen, overweight, way of transport: stretcher, soft stretcher or chair stretcher, which floor etc). If needed, we will escort the patient during the treatments (ask for price).

It is possible to measure SPO2 (amount of oxygen in blood), pulse, blood pressure, blood sugar and body temperature inside the car, besides giving oxygen. Also HP monitor/defibrillator to observe the condition.